A place for nature

The Cézembre brand is proud to stick to its eco-responsible values. The brand is committed to favoring natural and renewable materials to limit waste and have an economical design. By using compostable materials, reusable elements and repairable products, Cézembre shows that it cares about the planet and wants to leave a positive imprint on the world around us.

Cézembre products are made using noble materials such as alpaca, cashmere, merino and recycled wool. The brand is committed to not wasting resources and to making the best use of available materials to minimize waste. Cézembre also ensures that all waste produced during the production of its products is managed responsibly.

Respect yourself and nature

One of the pillars of the Cézembre clothing brand aims to offer products that respect both nature and the human body. To achieve this, Cézembre uses natural and renewable materials, minimizes the environmental impact of its products and maximizes their benefits for the body. The brand favors noble materials such as alpaca, cashmere, merino and recycled wool. Cézembre is also committed to producing locally and favoring repairable products to minimize the carbon footprint of transport and reduce waste. Finally, the brand uses the latest eco-responsible technologies to offer sustainable and nature-friendly products.

Bringing the local economy to life

Local manufacturing is also at the center of Cézembre's interest, producing as close as possible to the end consumer, avoiding bringing materials from too far away. It is also thanks to this factor that the brand reduces its carbon footprint by minimizing long transport, moreover the place of production is directly in our workshop. The choice of material is made as close as possible to our premises.

New technologies for better consumption

The choice of 3D textile manufacturing and using these new technologies to consume better is a big plus for the environment and for the consumer: no waste for a better world and seamless products for optimized comfort