The Cézembre clothing brand stands out for its local manufacturing approach. Indeed, the majority of this brand's products are manufactured in the 3D-Tex company workshop in Saint-Malo, Brittany. This characteristic brings numerous advantages which make the Cézembre brand a reference in terms of respect for the environment and the local economy.

The local manufacturing of Cézembre products above all allows us to reduce the carbon footprint linked to transport. By producing locally, the brand minimizes the ecological impact of transporting raw materials and finished products. This strategy aims to support the regional economy by producing less than 500 km from our borders.

By choosing to favor local manufacturing, Cézembre is also committed to a quality and traceability approach. Manufacturing in France guarantees that the products are made in compliance with the norms and quality standards in force. Consumers can thus have confidence in the quality of products while promoting local employment.

Local manufacturing is also a way of preserving the region's artisanal and industrial know-how. Cézembre thus contributes to maintaining and promoting local textile heritage by using the skills of its employees and regional suppliers. This approach also includes the use of new technologies for more responsible consumption.

Finally, local manufacturing allows Cézembre to offer eco-responsible and sustainable products. By choosing natural and renewable materials such as alpaca, cashmere, merino and recycled wool, the brand reduces its environmental impact and contributes to the preservation of the planet. This approach aims to favor natural and renewable materials to limit waste.

In conclusion, local manufacturing is a positive aspect of Cézembre products. It allows the brand to engage in an eco-responsible approach, to promote the local economy, to preserve know-how and to guarantee the quality and traceability of its products. Buying a Cézembre product means supporting a brand that contributes to a more environmentally friendly and more economically just world.

Written by Axel GRELLIER

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