Cézembre is the independent brand of 3D-TEX, born from the desire of its founders to offer a competitive solution for the manufacturing of clothing in France. Founded in 2020, SME 3D-Tex is a fully digitalized mesh product design and manufacturing company from design to production. The company is equipped with the latest generation 3D knitting machines, allowing production times to be considerably reduced. With this technology, 3D-TEX can produce seamless clothing, providing greater comfort to users and reducing production waste.

Seamless manufacturing also allows 3D-TEX to limit fabric waste to just 2%, compared to around 20% for other manufacturers. The sublimation of the product remains manual, offering the possibility of creating local jobs. Thus, the Cézembre brand is banking on technology to meet the demands of ready-to-wear customers and make French manufacturing more competitive.

The founders of 3D-TEX, Basile Ricquier, Marc Sabardeil and Gwendal Michel, invested more than 2.7 million euros in their company, including employee training, to launch production. The SME currently has more than thirty people and is aiming for a workforce of 50 people in the near future.

The company delivered its first sweaters in September 2021, after starting production in August in a 700 m2 workshop with six 3D knitting machines. With 10 looms, production is expected to reach a volume of 80,000 pieces per year, and the company is targeting annual production of 300,000 pieces within five years with 30 3D knitting looms. The SME is currently focused on specialist distribution players, but it plans to expand its customer base to other areas in the near future.

In conclusion, Cézembre is the independent brand of 3D-TEX, an innovative fully digitalized knitwear design and production company, which uses technology to make French manufacturing more competitive. Seamless manufacturing provides greater user comfort and reduces production waste, while creating local jobs. 3D-TEX is a promising company that intends to revolutionize the world of French fashion by offering a more eco-responsible alternative.

Written by Axel GRELLIER

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