At Cézembre, 3D textile manufacturing is at the heart of our production process. But what does this mean in practice? How does this technology work and why have we chosen to use it?

3D textile manufacturing technology involves using a machine to directly knit a three-dimensional product, without the need to sew it. This makes it possible to obtain a finished product in a single operation, without requiring sewing, which considerably reduces the quantity of material used and therefore losses. This technology is also faster than traditional production and produces higher quality products.

At Cézembre, we chose to use this technology for several reasons. First of all, it allows us to reduce our environmental impact. Through the use of this technology, we produce less waste and reduce our energy consumption. We also use noble raw materials such as alpaca, cashmere, merino and recycled wool, and we favor renewable and compostable materials.

In addition, 3D textile manufacturing allows us to offer unique products, without visible seams. This differentiation is an asset for our brand, because it strengthens our identity and our eco-responsible positioning. We thus offer quality products, both environmentally friendly and aesthetically attractive.

Finally, our choice of 3D textile manufacturing is also motivated by our desire to contribute to innovation in the textile sector. By being the first textile manufacturing factory in France to use this technology, we want to set an example and encourage other companies to follow this path.

In short, at Cézembre, 3D textile manufacturing is an eco-responsible, aesthetic and innovative choice. We are convinced that this technology is the future of textile production, and we will continue to use it to offer unique and quality products, while respecting the environment.

Written by Axel GRELLIER

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